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"The Future of Us" Book Review

I was expecting a lot from the book The Future of Us, but it underwhelmed me. Maybe it was because of  I thought the idea was so amazing(really….can you believe what you are going to be thinking if you see what you wrote now on your Facebook fifteen years in the future.) Also, there were two amazing authors writing the book. I'll do the negatives first and end with the positives, the things that did make this book worthwhile to read.

I really could not seem to like Emma. She just seemed really selfish. I mean, I guess if you saw your future and you looked really unhappy you would try to change it too. When she drags her past best friend into it, they make all sort of rules about changing the future  and looking on Facebook. She never really follows them though and does some really selfish stuff to her best friend throughout the book.

Also, some issues were unresolved, I felt. They both found out some pretty life-changing things about their friends/relatives future's. They thought a lot about what they had found out but never really tried to find out how it had happened or tried to get to the bottom of it. Enough of the negative though, I thought the book could be pretty funny and entertaining. They make references to things they never think could happen that have happened today. The thing is this was only fifteen years ago. If you think about the sorts of technology and other things we have now, it does sound pretty strange.  This is a three star book for me. It was good enough to finish it, but not good enough to read a sequel.


  1. Thanks for the great review. Just a small tip add the author's name with the title of the book. Thanks again.

  2. I have had this book on my bookshelf for a while now, somehow never got down to reading this. I was excited about this book since it had that time travel plot but lost interest when I started coming across mixed reviews about it.
    Thanks for the great review!

  3. Nice review. This is one of the coolest books that I've read. :D


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