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"Perfect Chemistry" Review

Hi guys! It’s Alex, here with the (hopefully?) anticipated review of “Perfect Chemistry,” by Simone Elkeles.

“Perfect Chemistry,” is your classic Romeo and Juliet. Brittany Ellis and Alex Fuentes are from separate sides of Fairfield, Illinois. Brittany is the girl you’ve always wanted to be: pretty, popular, (sort-of) smart, and to top it off, she has a supermegafoxyhotawesome (just you watch, it’ll be a word one day) boyfriend, Colin. But there’s something about her that no one knows: she has a sister with cerebral palsy, and her parents expect her to be perfect to make up for her sister’s loss. And then there’s Alex. To anyone on Brittany’s side of town, he’s the scariest guy ever–a Mexican gangster who terrorizes innocent people and doesn’t care about the effects of the bad things he does. But there’s more to Alex, just like there is to Brittany: the gang he’s apart of haunts his past, wrecks his present, and destroys his future. And he’s too preoccupied with keeping his family safe and out of the gang to worry about grades or a social life.

Unfortunately, Alex and Brittany only see each other for what’s on the outside–at first. When their chemistry teacher forces them to be lab partners for the rest of the year, their secrets come gushing out at full force–as does a repressed attraction for one another. Can they get through the obstacles in their way and find true love, or will they end up right where they started–as people forced to live a lie?
I’ve got to say, this was a good book. It was one of those books that you just can’t put down, and I finished it within a matter of hours. The characters (and by characters I mean Alex) are completely irresistible, and the plot is quickly paced enough so that the reader is on the edge of their seat, but not so that it’s unrealistic.

I felt that the author could have accented the gang more. If it dominates Alex’s life so much, why don’t they send him on more errands, and how do they not notice when he becomes involved with Brittany? And vice-versa–I would have liked to see a bit more of Brittany’s life too. Also, there were some parts of the book that were wildly inappropriate for a young adult audience. I mean, I don’t care about a little cussing (come on, we’ve all heard it in school so what’s the point), but this book had at least thirty swear words in every chapter, as well as some– ahem–explicit content. Let’s just say–I had to skip over the part where Brittany and Alex [CENSORED], it was so awkward to read.

But other than that, I really don’t have complaints–I adored this book, and I am looking forward to sharing my review on the sequels, “Rules of Attraction” and “Chain Reaction.” Overall, I’d give the book three out of four cookies–there was room for improvement, but I was still sighing at the very magical, romantic ending (see for yourself ;D ).
Thanks for reading the review, and check back in next week for my review on “Rules of Attraction”, by Simone Elkeles.

Happy reading, Alex

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