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"Someone Like You" Book Review

Hey guys! So sorry this review is two weeks late–I’ve been home sick for a while :( But, nonetheless, I have pulled through with my super-awesome-reviewing-powers to give you my review of “Someone Like You,” by Sarah Dessen.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of Sarah Dessen novels. “The Truth About Forever” bored me to death, so when I opened up this book, I thought it would be some mundane tale where a girl loses all her self respect when clashing heads with the class bad boy, fights her parents to defend him, and then runs off with him even though he cheats on her twice throughout the book. But I was pleasantly surprised with “Someone Like You.” It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. Here’s what you need to know about the book before I start in with anything:

Halley and Scarlett are best friends, and have been for what seems like forever. Scarlett has always been the more confident of the two: she’s seemingly prettier, smarter, and manages to snag the most popular guy in their school–Michael–by the end of the year. But Halley doesn’t mind. She’s never been one for the spotlight and is content to lurk in Scarlett’s shadows. But when Michael suddenly dies in a motorcycle accident, and Scarlett finds out a few weeks later that she’s carrying his baby, Halley will have to be there for Scarlett more than ever–from driving her to wellness visits, to dealing with old friends and failed relationships, and even just providing a feeling of comfort, will Halley be able to live up to the task?

Okay, so like Montana usually does, I’ll start with the negatives. I didn’t really appreciate the cliche’d “good girl falls for bad boy” thing here that Dessen incorporated with Macon (Michael’s best friend) and Halley, and I felt no sympathy for Halley and her failed relationship with her mother–after all, it was technically Halley’s fault that the relationship was weakened (and that’s all I’ll say about it). Plus, I felt Cameron, a French student who helps take care of Scarlett in the weeks leading up to her birth, wasn’t really an important character.

However, that’s really all the negative points I can come up with. I loved “Someone Like You.” I liked the theme of making mistakes and trying to repair them (Scarlett regrets having sex, even though she is excited for her baby to come), and I liked how Halley almost succumbs to an idea she isn’t comfortable with, but then realizes how foolish she’s being and breaks up with her boyfriend (sorry if you’re confused; I just really don’t want to give anything away!) Overall, the book was realistic enough to have actually happened, but provided a sense of magical realism (Halley’s comet, Grace’s birth, the perfection of the whole thing) to leave the reader in awe.

Sorry this review was late, guys! Tune in next week to read my review of “Perfect Chemistry” by Simone Elkeles.

Happy reading,

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