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When You Were Mine Book Review

I recently read Romeo and Juliet in English and when I read the synopsis for When You Were Mine, the idea of a different version of Romeo and Juliet seemed really cool. This book ended up being a really good one. 
When You Were Mine is about the girl Romeo liked before Juliet, Rosaline, and how Juliet stole Romeo (in the book, Rob) from her. It’s such an interesting take on Romeo and Juliet. It takes place modern-day and it was unique to see Juliet presented as the antagonist in the tragedy. When I read Romeo and Juliet, I never thought Juliet was to blame for the deaths or even thought much about Rosaline. 
The author did a really great job telling the story from Rosaline’s point-of-view. I thought that this book would be mainly about Rob and Juliet, just from another perspective. Instead, it turned out being mainly about Rosaline. Even the ending, (I think everyone knows what happens at the end) was more about Rosaline herself, then Rob and Juliet. It showed how she dealt and learned to cope with things. Rosaline was a character that was definitely likable, if not somewhat unrealistic at different points. I really could not stand Juliet, and I found Rosaline to be too nice and unforgiving towards her at certain points. I mean, if some girl takes the guy you’ve been in love with for years and years away from you in one day, I think you would be more than a little bit mad towards her. She tended to run away from arguments with Juliet and treated her so nicely. I think Rosaline was in denial of the whole situation for most of the book. She handled things pretty well, as was a nice person. 
Rob (or Romeo) was such an unbelievable jerk. He was a sweet guy at the beginning of the book, before he met Juliet. He had gone on a date with Rosaline and definitely made it clear he liked her as a lot more than a friend. Then, he dances once with Juliet, instantly falls in love with her, and dumps Rosaline for Juliet. He flaunts her around wherever, not caring about how Rosaline feels.  There is one  person that helps her a lot though, Len, the school class clown and a guy notoriously known as a slacker. As she starts to get to know Len, she realized that he’s a lot different- and sweeter- than she ever imagined. Overall,this book was a cute, quick read that’s perfect for a good spring read. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

Happy Reading!

In this intensely romantic, modern recounting of the greatest love story ever told, Romeo’s original intended—Juliet’s cousin Rosaline—tells her side of the tale. What’s in a name, Shakespeare? I’ll tell you: Everything.     Rosaline knows that she and Rob are destined to be together. Rose has been waiting for years for Rob to kiss her—and when he finally does, it’s perfect. But then Juliet moves back to town. Juliet, who used to be Rose’s best friend. Juliet, who now inexplicably hates her. Juliet, who is gorgeous, vindictive, and a little bit crazy...and who has set her sights on Rob. He doesn’t even stand a chance. Rose is devastated over losing Rob to Juliet. This is not how the story was supposed to go. And when rumors start swirling about Juliet’s instability, her neediness, and her threats of suicide, Rose starts to fear not only for Rob’s heart, but also for his life. Because Shakespeare may have gotten the story wrong, but we all still know how it ends…

“Sometimes...the hardest part about letting someone go is realizing that you were never meant to have them.” 
“It's not that girls are delusional, per se. It's just that they have this subtle ability to warp actual circumstances into something different.” 

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