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Secrets by Dawn Kirby Blog Tour:Review

It is said that the truth will set you free, but for Leah it kills.

Leah always knew she was different. From her extreme light sensitivity, to her ability to read people by their auric scent, she kept these differences secret. 

Not even Mia, Leah's mother, knew the fullness of her daughter's differences, but she held even greater secrets to Leah's past - the truth about her father and Leah's conception.

With the escape of an old foe, Mia is too late to reveal to her daughter the thrush before Judith can exact her revenge in a wash of blood and death.

Thrown into a world unheard of, Leah discovers that she is not alone in keeping her secrets. That there are people from her parent's past who would die to protect her. If only she knew why.

Raine, placed as her protector, hides deadly secrets of his own. Drawn to each other, Leah and Raine must uncover the truth before one or both are killed.
Hi everyone! A few days, ago I finished Secrets by Dawn Kirby. This book was in a new adult novel and it was definitely more mature YA. There were some parts I didn't really like, but the book was pretty enjoyable. 

Secrets is about a girl, Leah, who has always been different. She has extreme light sensitivity and can hear and see really well. When her mom dies, she finds out what her abilities really are. A guy named Raine soon becomes her protecter and they immediately fall into a strong relationship.

The writing style for Secrets was really good and I loved the build-up for different events in the plot. Also, I liked a lot of the characters, especially Leah's best friend, Drew. She was an awesome friend and really cared about Leah. Kale was another great character. He was Raine's older brother and he was such a friendly and funny person. Secrets also had such a unique take on werewolves and vampires.

There were some things that I didn't really enjoy in this novel. One of them was that  Raine and Leah liked each other immediately, when they first met. I felt that they didn't really get to know each other before they started to pursue a relationship. There were also some more gory scenes that I personally didn't really enjoy. I get kind of grossed out by that. The last thing were two different sexual scenes. Again, I personally don't really enjoy those. 

Overall, I'd give Secrets 2/12 out of 5 flowers. I wasn't a huge fan of the book. However, if you're into older paranormal romance, I think you'd definitely enjoy this book. The characters and writing style are strong. Even though I didn't enjoy it too much, I think a lot of people who enjoy the genre will.  

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  1. Oh no! D: I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as much. I do like PNR books, so maybe I will like it...but I am iffy because I HATE instant attraction relationships. I mean come on....that doesn't happen right away! D: Oh boy, my thoughts are conflicted. This is one of those books, that I'll leave to the last minute to read! LOL ;p

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair


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