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Secrets After Dark by Marie Higgins Book Review

Secrets after Dark
Residing at Thornton Manor under the premise of courting Jonathan Thornton, Hannah Forester intends to find out who murdered her father—and why. After all, Jonathan’s brother Morgan was the last
person to visit Peter Forester before his demise. But upon her arrival at Thornton Manor, Hannah is informed that Morgan perished the previous year in a house fire. She soon learns the manor is full of s
ecrets: a ghost haunting the East Wing, a white wolf that roams
the grounds by night, and the story of a curse-protected treasure on the neighboring island. Most disturbingly, Hannah discovers that numerous young women have visited the manor only to vanish without a trace.

When a hooded, deep-voiced man visits Hannah’s bedroom late at night, warning her to leave the manor for her own safety, she realizes he must be Morgan Thornton. But why does he hide in the East Wing, and why does his family insist he is but a ghost? As Hannah falls in love with the handsome older brother, she must continue to court Jonathan in order to remain at the estate. Can she convince Morgan where her true loyalties lie? And will she uncover the Thorntons’ secrets quickly enough to solve her father’s murder
before she loses her own life?
I was surprised by how much I loved Secrets After Dark! The setting in the 1800s was amazing and so were the characters and mystery.

Secrets After Dark follows a girl, Hannah, who goes to Thronton Manor to try to discover more about her father’s murder. There, she soon discovers other mysteries, and meets a very handsome, but mysterious man that’s in hiding in the manor.

Secrets After Dark told such an incredible story, and one of the main reasons for that were how vivid the characters were. Hannah was such a great character, especially for her time period. She was outspoken and brave, but not dumb. She knew when to let things go and she made such great choices! Also, there were several more evil characters that I won’t go into much detail about, but the author made them not unbelievably evil, like their intentions were just bad and greedy enough. Also, the love interest was absolutely amazing! He kind of reminded me of the beast in Beauty and The Beast, except he was a whole lot kinder :) The romance between Hannah and the love interest was so sweet and I was tearing up at just how they genuinely cared about one another. It didn’t take too long to develop, either.

The book does focus on Hannah trying to solve the mystery of her father’s death. There are a lot of surprising mysteries and things that are going on throughout the manor. Secrets After Dark also included a lot of paranormal elements. They made the book so much more fascinating, and I loved how the romance and the mystery were both given equal attention. Also, the book had several point-of-views from both Hannah, the love interest, and the bad guys, which was so interesting to see all the different perspectives of the different things occurring. 

Lastly, the ending was perfect and extremely cute. I’d recommend this book to any historical fiction and romance lover, it’s such a great story! I’d give this book 41/2 out of 5 flowers. Marie Higgins has found a new fan :)


  1. I like the sound of this book, especially since the love interest reminds you of beast.

    1. If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. It's great and the love interest is amazing :)

  2. I haven't heard of this book before, but I've seen this cover somewhere. I'm glad you like this book and I hope I'll get the chance to read it soon :)

    1. I think another YA book may have the same cover. I also hope you get the chance to read it sometime soon, it is amazing! :)

  3. I am super intrigued by this one!! I love the sound of the plot, and the fact that it's in 1800's plus the romance! I'm so glad you ended up liking it. I can't wait to read it! :D Amazing review!

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  4. Thanks for this! I love historical fiction and YA and I'm always looking for new books.

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog


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