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Secrets by Tom Mettey Book Review

Is death too great a cost to be a hero?What if you had no choice…. The Midwest lies in complete ruins after a catastrophic disaster kills tens of thousands and leaves countless others injured. N
icholas Keller emerges out of the devastation as a shining light of hope for all. But his newfound fame comes with a price that his aunt will not let him pay. They flee into the shadows in order to protect his secret. As Nicholas begins his sophomore year at his fifth school in five years, strange and unexpected things begin to happen.  He soon tumbles into a web of doomed love, extraordinary talents and a secret past, which threatens the lives of everyone he cares about. It’s up to Nicholas to confront the truth, even if it means his own death.

I was looking forward to reading Secrets, and it ended up telling a really interesting story!

Secrets is the first book in the Hero Chronicles Series. It follows a boy, Nicholas, who had been living in hiding for multiple years, after becoming a hero. When he moves into a new town, he starts to gain newfound fame from football and meets the perfect girl. However, he may end up having to choose between them or keeping his secret.

The plot was super interesting for this book, and I was eager to find out what Nick had done in the book to make him into a hero. His aunt was so paranoid about people finding him, so I figured it must have been something big. It took about 3/4 of the book until the secret was finally revealed and from there, I loved how action-packed the plot became. Also, there were several mysterious things that happened to Nick throughout the book that kept me reading.

Nick has a love interest, Elle. I liked her, but I felt she was somewhat too perfect. I wish she had been described some more, especially her backstory- which was mentioned once to twice in Secrets. I did think Elle and Nick had an extremely cute relationship, though. Also, I usually don't like reading about male main characters, but I really enjoyed Nick's perspective.

Unfortunately, I felt the dialogue and narration fell flat. I didn't think the way some of the teenagers talked was realistic and I felt certain details were put in that weren't necessary. Certain lines didn't have anything to do with the story, and stated basic facts.

Overall, I enjoyed both the plot and Nick's perspective in Secrets. Although the dialogue wasn't the best, Secrets was still a good read. I'd give it 3 out of 5 flowers. If you're looking for a book with a great mystery in it, I'd check Secrets out! :)

*Thanks to Kenwood Publishing Group for sending me a copy of Secrets to read and review! :)

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  1. This does sound very interesting and different. I'll have to look into it! Plus, I LOVE the cover of it. It's so simply and beautiful. Glad you enjoyed this, Montana! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair


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