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Two Reviews: Rockoholic by C.J Skuse

She's got it bad, and he ain't good -- he's in her garage?
"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me..." 
Gonna have to face it: Jody's addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, and after her best bud Mac scores tickets, she's front and center at his sold-out concert. But when she gets mashed in the moshpit and bodysurfs backstage, she's got more than a mild concussion to deal with. By the next morning, the strung-out rock star is coming down in her garage. Jody -- oops -- kind of kidnapped him. By accident. With a Curly Wurly candy bar. And now he doesn't want to leave. 
It's a rock-star abduction worthy of an MTV reality series...butwho got punk'd?!

Hi! This is a feature where there will be two reviews of the same book from two different reviewers on the blog. Here's the reviews for Rockoholic by C.J Skuse :)

This book was a fun ride.  It took until the 3rd chapter for me to be able to get into it, however, once I did, I continued to want to see what happened next.  

The characters were all well developed. Jody had lost the one person that she was closest to and could relate to the most, her Grandfather and she was also obsessed with Jackson from the Regulators. Her friend Mac was a caring, good guy and such a rock for Jody. He was the voice of reason. Jackson was the rock star trying to be what other people wanted him to be.  

There were a lot of good life lessons shown in this book, I enjoyed those!  Also, I was rooting for Jody at various points in the book, like when she confronted Mac’s parents.  Also, Jackson initially was a spoiled rock star. However, as the story progressed, I grew to like him a lot more as a person.  

There were a few things put in the story that I didn't think were necessary; like how much the story focused on the lead role Mac had in a play.  Overall, Rockoholic was entertaining, funny, and all around a good read. I would give it 4 out of 5 flowers.

* Thanks to ARCycling for the copy of this book to read!

I loved the idea behind Rockoholic, and I was so happy to get the chance to read it! Rockoholic tells the story of a girl, Jody, who's a huge fan of the main singer in her favorite band, Jackson. She ends up accidentally kidnapping him and realizing that he's not the perfect person she has made him out to be. 

Jody was a good character, if a little too obsessed with Jackson. I thought the way she ended up kidnapping was really funny, especially since she didn't intend it to happen in the first place. Also, her best friend, Mac, was such a great guy. I thought his and Jody's friendship was really unique :) I did not like Jackson at all in the beginning of the book. He was spoiled and childish, and sadly, he had some drug issues. As he changed throughout the book and took a break from the fame, he matured a lot, which I thought was great.

Rockoholic's plot was entertaining and super funny. Unfortunately, I felt the book was pretty slow at times. I wish there had been more action in the plot and some of the events that happened could have been expanded on a little more. Also, the romance was both really sweet and surprising to me.

Besides that, Rockoholic had both great characters and a sweet romance. Although the plot dragged at times, it's definitely worth checking out! I'd give Rockoholic 3 1/2 out of 5 flowers :)  

* Thanks to Scholastic for providing me with a copy for review :)


  1. I am not so sure that Rockaholic is a book for me, but I do think it sounds like an incredibly cute book. I have seen this book all over the place lately, and I am glad that I finally stopped to see what it is all about. Thanks so much for the reviews!

  2. What an interesting plot! I love the idea of a rock star in a book—and Jackson seems like the perfect rock star material. Sounds like a cute read. Thank you both for reviewing it! (:

    1. I thought the rock star idea was great! :)

  3. I am looking forward to reading this just to see how it turns out. I also read another review, where the plot was also mentioned as being slow. However, I'm still looking forward to it, especially since it's funny and cute. That's always something to look forward too! Glad you both liked it!

    Awesome reviews!

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  4. I really want to read this but I'm having mixed feelings since you either love it or you hate it, you know? Great review (:

    1. I thought it was really good, but their have been some mixed reviews.. If you do check it out, I hope you enjoy it! :)

  5. I love a good sweet romance and the plot sounds great. Loved both reviews! :)

  6. This book looks adorable! So glad you liked it!!! I think I might have to give this one a try!

  7. I got this one through Netgalley, so I'll have to check it out sooner now! ;)
    It looks cute!

  8. Nice reviews from you both. Love the dual impressions! This is the first review I think I have read here but I think I will be back! -New follower!


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