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Delusion by Laura L. Sullivan Book Review

When two beautiful teenage stage magicians in World War II England meet a pair of handsome men who can do real magic, sparks fly. But is it illusion, or delusion? Opening-night jitters are nothing new for Phil and Fee Albion, who come from a long line of stage illusionists. Th
e girls love to dazzle London audiences, but in the aftermath of the Blitz they're bundled off to the countryside, where they're safe from bombs and Nazis--and bored to pieces. Phil, always the passionate one, discovers a hidden college of real magicians led by the devastatingly handsome Arden. If only Phil can persuade these unworldly magicians to help England win the war! Daredevil that she is, she'll risk anything to give her country a fighting chance, even if it means losing her heart . . . or her life.

Both the premise and cover for Delusion were amazing, so I was eager to read it. I became a bit hesitant to read it after reading several negative reviews, but I hoped I would still enjoy it. Unfortunately, the plot dragged and I didn’t like the romance at all.

Delusion takes place during World War 2, when two magician sisters are sent off to the countryside after a bombing occurs in London. Both sisters, Fee and Phil, end up meeting magicians who practice real magic and Phil is determined to persuade the town to help in the war effort.

I loved the sound of the plot, with a historical setting and the magician element. I thought the historical setting was realistic, and it was really cool how everyone in the town eventually came together to help the war effort. For the magicians, I was pretty confused about what was going on at times and the general history of the college the magicians attended. I wish that aspect of the book could have been explained with more detail. 

The plot was super slow, and I considered DNF’ing the book several times, but there were a few things that sparked my interest again. The povs also switch pretty quickly, and I think the writing would have flowed better if it had stuck with just one pov. 

The main characters, Fee and Phil, were both likable enough, but I didn't like Phil's love interest, Arden. He wasn't a good guy and his logic didn’t make any sense to me. Some of the things he did were terrible. Furthermore, I felt that the romance didn’t have any spark to it and Arden could just be so cheesy and unrealistic.

Despite the great historical setting, I didn't enjoy Delusion due to the slow pacing and romance. Overall, I’d give it 1 1/2 out of 5 flowers.

* Thank you so much to ARCycling for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review! :)


  1. So sorry this book disappointed. Super slow plots are also a thing that I dislike! It really turns me off from a book. Also, not liking the romance can be bad too. Thanks for the honest opinion though! Awesome review :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

    1. Thanks! The romance and plot both weren't so great :(

  2. I also had problems with this book, it sounded amazing but it just didn't do it for me. I couldn't connect with the characters, and the switching of POV confused me a lot during the book. I'm glad I finished it because there were some things I liked about it, but all in all it just wasn't enticing enough for me to continue with the series.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I feel like it would have been a lot better with just one pov.

  3. It stinks that a book with such a great premise, and a great cover to boot, just doesn't end up being as great as it should. :(


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