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Twisted Tales by Stephanie Fowers Blog Tour Stop

With a Kiss
There are seven rules of the faery kingdom that Halley Starr must never break:
    1. No trespassing sacred faery territory
    2. Don't ever say thank you
    3. Using a faery’s given name is a no-no
    4. Never break a promise to a faery
    5. Faery music is forbidden
    6. Resist all faery food
    7. And never, never fall in love with a faery
    But Halley is cursed. Yeah.
 No joke. She can barely survive Omak High with that shard of ice in her heart. How could she possibly be a proper godmother and stop Rumpelstiltskin from taking the heir of the faery kingdom? And let’s be honest, there is no way she’ll go with Goldilocks (some hot faery guy) who won’t bother telling Halley his name or that she looks like she’s talking to herself when he’s around. Not a chance.
    And really, who can blame her?
    If Halley wants her heart back again, she can’t worry about the rules…


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My Review:

I’ve always really enjoyed fairy stories, especially twists on them, so I was super happy to give With A Kiss a try! It took me on a fun adventure, with so many fairytales interwoven. 

The plot centers around Halley, a girl who has never felt much emotion and starts hearing all these things that only she seems to ever hear. Then, with all the craziness happening, Hobs, a fairy shows up telling her she has to survive and take care of a baby for three days. Pretty intense, right? 

Hobs was, by far, my favorite character. He was so cute and funny, and just all around adorable! At the same time, Halley was bit cold (although that was part of her character) and she was pretty hard to get to know. There are also a few other characters that I wish we could have gotten to see more of. 

One complaint I do have about With A Kiss was how slow it seemed to move at times. I felt like the plot dragged, and there was too much build up to the main events of the stories. When things started to pick up, though, I was captivated by the story itself. 

Their were several little twists and things that you didn’t figure out until much later in the story. The ending also opened up things for the next book, and you’re definitely able to understand how exactly the stories will be intertwined with each other. 

Overall, I thought With A Kiss was a great start to a series. I’d give it 3 out of 5 flowers.

At Midnight
Stop the clock from striking twelve
    Who is Bridgette anyway?
    1. Loser of Omak High    2. Girl who rubs her fingers raw working fast food    3. Victim of the evil stepmother who runs the group home    4. Not-so-proud owner of a hearth where fire-starting goblins live    5. Asylum wannabe with occasional schizophrenic episodes
    Not even Bridgette knows. Not that she can do anything about it. Besides, her godmother is supposed to save her, not the other way around! But Halley Starr is a little busy fighting Rumpelstiltskin flunkies and his beanstalk, so her godmother sends some rude faery guy to help Bridgette instead. It’s up to him to make sure she gets that true love’s kiss that will undo the banishment curse, except he seriously knows nothing about love or faery hunters, red riding hood, spindles…or high school!
    Excuse me?
    Even if he did, how is Bridgette supposed to find true love if everyone she loves disappears?


My Review:
I was really excited to see what would happen in the second book in the Twisted Tales series. I loved reading things from Bridgette's perspective and I enjoyed the sequel a lot more!

Bridgette was a great main character. She had a hard life, especially with how terrible the people surrounding her were to her. At Midnight continued where With A Kiss left off, and all of the same characters from With A Kiss are still a major part of the story. Hobs is as funny as always, and I he's still an amazing character. I also identified with Bridgette a lot more than I had with Halley. 

The plot is the main part of the story, with all the fairy tales playing out in various ways, that are much different than the fairy tale sounds to be.  There still was some romance, I liked the love interest just as much as I liked Hobbs, if not more. Both Hobbs and Ren were trying to look out for Bridgette, which I thought was sweet. There's the typical mean girl in At Midnight, although she had no redeeming qualities. There's also the fairytale villains that cause several problems. 

At Midnight continued to tell a great story with an interesting plot line that picked up pace from the previous book. Bridgette was an awesome main character, and I loved all the appearances from old ones. I'd give At Midnight 4 out of 5 flowers.


  1. Hi Montana,
    Great review! I was excited to hear what you thought of the books, and I was super interested to read what you thought of each character. Let me know if you read the third book because I'd love to hear what you think of Daphne as a narrator, too.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful review of these books. I look forward to reading more reviews from you!

  2. PS: I'm glad to hear that you think Hobs is adorable. He's one of my favorites too ;-)

  3. I've never heard of this series before, but fairy tales have always interested me :) Glad you enjoyed both books!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  4. I saw that this tour was coming up and looked up the books on Goodreads. They look super good and I'm really excited to maybe win them! I love fairy tales and retellings and hope to read them soon!

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog

  5. I am new to fairytale stories but I definitely think it's the next genre I'm checking out. These look like cute stories I would like. Thank you for the review and the giveaway.

  6. I love fairy tales and these sounds so original! I love the "twisty" part! Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I would love to win!

    Suz Reads

  7. I've never heard of this series but I like fairies so I'll give these a try. I'm glad you enjoyed these and found them to your liking. And despite the issue with the plot of the first book, I'm glad it picked up in the second. I am looking forward to giving these a go. Although, I really don't like the covers. :( They seem so out of place.

    Fabulous reviews, Montana! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair


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