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Co-Bloggers Wanted! :)

Hi everyone! As you've probably noticed, I've mainly been the only blogger posting the last few months. I'm hoping to find other co-bloggers to blog with me here at The Book Belles.

I'm hoping to find 3-4 other individuals who can contribute to the blog with reviews, and if you'd like, with any other posts you may think of! :) I'm accepting applications, and more specifically, this is what I'm looking for any co-blogger to do:

General Requirements
  • Reviewer must love Young Adult Literature.
  • I would prefer the co-bloggers to be US/Canada based.
  • It's totally fine if you already have a blog, but I would like the co-blogger to be able to contribute 4 reviews and 1 WOW pick every month. 
Individual Positions
  • Contemporary Lover- The contemporary genre is my favorite, and I'm looking for someone else who loves them to blog here. 
  • Fantasy Fan- I very rarely like fantasy books, and I'd love someone who does love the genre to post various reviews for it.
  • Historical or Christian Fiction Reviewer- I know this will probably be the hardest to find, but I'd really love to have a reviewer who loves historical fiction, Christian fiction, or both. There's a few really great Christian fiction books out there and it's the same with historical :)
  • General Reviewer- This is for anyone who loves a genre I didn't include, or reads several different genres.

The Perks
  • I'll send the bloggers different amazing books pertaining to their genre every month. This can include ARC's, physical finished copies, and e-books (if you're able to accept them) :) However, I'm looking for someone who's passionate about reading, not just receiving free books. 
  • You'll be able to participate in various blog tours. 
  • You get to share your opinion with several amazing people.
  • You help support so many various publishers and authors.

Applications are Open Now! 

If you're interested in being a co-blogger, I'd love for you to submit your application to

In your email, please include your name, age, and which position you're applying for. I'd also like you to include links to your Goodreads, Twitter, or any other social media site you're a part of. I'd love to know your favorite genres and anything else you want to share about yourself.

If you blog at another blog, please include the link to it. It also would be helpful if you can include samples of reviews you've done in the past.

Thanks! :)


  1. Good luck with finding a co-blogger! You're not asking for too much so I guess you'll find someone soon. :)

  2. Good luck! I hope you can find someone who fits your blog :D

  3. I am definitely sending you an email! :)

    1. Yay! I'm looking forward to receiving it :)

    2. I sent the email! Fingers crossed!

  4. I think I might apply.. Meh.. idk :P

  5. Sent you an email (: Good luck finding a co-blogger!

  6. Hmm... I'd be interested in perhaps learning more. Love to read and have been looking for something that could help me transition more into YA fiction although I do read TONS of Christian fiction right now.

    Thanks for this opportunity. :)

  7. I've sent an application for the historical position. Good luck on filling all the positions!

  8. Good luck chick! I'll spread the word on my blog in this week's Midnight Madness Newsletter ;)


  9. Good lucky finding co-bloggers, lady! I'd apply, but since I barely came back from my hiatus, I worry I'd be unable to contribute enough! Fingers crossed for you though :)

  10. Applied. I'm so glad you're offering this opportunity!

  11. Good luck with this, Montana! <3


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