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Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen Book Review

Only he can bring what they need to survive...
In 2250, water is scarce, and those who control it control everything. And they’ll do anything to maintain their power – deceiving, dividing families, banning love... even killing those who oppose them.
But above all, they seek to control knowledge and communication – ensuring the truth that will bring their downfall will never be known. But one person verges on discovering it all.
Sixteen-year-old Luca becomes the Deliverer, the only one allowed to contact the people called ‘Water Rats,’ who mine the essential water deep underground and bring it to the ‘Toppers’ who desperately need it above.
But when he meets a Water Rat who captures his heart and leads him to secrets – secrets about a vast conspiracy, and about himself – the net around him tightens. Luca and those around him must uncover and share the truth needed to overthrow tyranny – even as they fight for their lives.

This book sounded a lot like Not A Drop to Drink for me. It's about how water's getting scarce and now there's an apocalypse. Aquifer is quite a disappointing read for me, sadly.

Aquifer had me quite confused throughout most of it. Even after I finished it, I didn't know what some of the term actually means. I can only guess. One term is called "undone / undoing". I guess it means killed, but I'm not sure. It was also quite confusing in the prologue. We meet this guy named Jasper and and somehow something shocking happened when he pulled a dead body out of the sea. We were never really introduced to anything and that left me puzzled at what's happening. 

There wasn't much world-building at all. Nothing about their traditions were explained. Nothing about how the dials and the Amongus came to be. Nothing about the Rats and the histories. I understand that the history is censored in the community but I expected to learn more about when Luca actually discovered what his actual heritage is. 

There is also insta-love, which a huge no-no for me. The moment Luca saw the girl, it was like, "Whoa there, beautiful, can't stop staring." I hate these insta-love relationships. I feel like the characters are shallow this way. I mean, they feel connected and in love with them just because of their looks. By in love, I mean head over heels in love. 

This book might've been more enjoyable without all the issues above. I was half frustrated and half trying to get through the adventure. I would've given this one flower but I gave it two because of the good plot we had (yeah, save the world!). 

P. S. It seems I've been giving nothing but bad reviews on here haha!

My name's Ariella and I'm a 14 year old Canadian girl that loves to read. Everything began with a book called the Lightning Thief and from there I was hooked. I enjoy and read all kinds of genres but my favourites are paranormal and mythology. I love reading YA books but I love Middle Grade books as well. I also blog over at Secrets of Lost Words. You can usually find me crawling on twitter so feel free to contact me!

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  1. Thanks for the review, I'll stay away from this one :) Insta-love is a major turnoff for me (and everyone so why do authors put it in there?!) It does sound like a frustrating read.


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