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Smart Girls Get What They Want Readalong Kickoff

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to announce the beginning of the Smart Girls Get What They Want read along. The other cobloggers and I will be posting discussion questions every week and there'll also be some various giveaways throughout the read along :) I've extended the gift card giveaway for another week, in case you decide you still want to join in. I've included the read along schedule below and I'm looking forward to an awesome month!

Reading Schedule:
September 29-October 5: Prologue-Chapter 6
October 6-October 12: Chapter 7-Chapter 13
October 13-19: Chapter 14-20
October 20-26: Chapter 21-24

Discussion Schedule:
October 6: Prologue-Chapter 6 Discussion
October 14: Chapters 7-13 Discussion
October 20: Chapters 14-20 Discussion
October 27: Readalong Wrap-Up/Giveaway Winners

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  1. Have fun to everyone who is participating! I am a little too busy so I couldn't take part. :|

    Hope everything goes well, Montana. <33

  2. Aah! I totally didn't sign up when I wanted too! I did now! I've had this on my kindle for a while and this is perfect! Totally excited to chat with ya'll!


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