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Smart Girls Get What They Want Dicussion/Readalong:Chapters 7-13

Hello everyone! Welcome to the second week of our readalong! Or well it's more of the second week of   discussion questions cause you've been reading for like 3 weeks or something. Honestly I don't know how you're holding yourselves back...or are you? I went ahead and read it all when I heard we were doing the readalong, but don't worry! By the time we got to the start of all this I had forgotten almost everything :P So I'm almost reading it for the first time all over again. Now, Emily did an amazing job and had some super good questions last week. From covers, to whether or not Ava might turn into the antagonist, to if Bea and Neerja were stereotypical fictional bestie and which guy you preferred. Whew. I don't know how I can upstage that and I don't honestly think that I can. So...I'll just to my own thing I guess ;) Sorry that the questions aren't super deep though. 

Page 125, chapter 8. "This is why I don't get guys like Jim," Bea said. "Why let people take photos of you breaking the law? Might as well turn yourself in for criminal stupidity." ... "Remember the cheerleader thing freshman year? They actually posted photos of themselves partying on Facebook. How stupid was that?"

(1) Because Jim Mullet's photo was seen by the principal and almost everyone else, he was busted for drinking (not smart by the way) and the school board had an opening that Gigi is now running for. (we'll come back to that in the next question) Do you think it's good that an okay guy got busted, whether or not it was a one time thing or not, and he lost his position? In the case of reading the book, everyone is likely to side with Gigi because this is a shot at clearing her name and record. But what about from the other side? Maybe it was just a bad night?

Chap 8, page 127. "Okay," I blurted  "I'll do it. I'll run for student rep." .... "Wee!" Neerja squealed, giving a little clap. "See, it's all coming together. I'm going out for the play. Bea's going out for the ski team."

(2) Do you think it's wise to strike outside your comfort zone like these girls are doing? Or would you rather just stick to what you know? Do you think it's easier to do risky things when you have friends to hold you accountable or easier when you are on your own and no one will see you if you screw up?

(3) Mike or Will? Again we come back to this question...and not entirely because I'm copying Emily. I want to know if your original opinion has changed...if so why or why not? It sure seems like Mike might be different than what he first seemed right? And we learn a good bit more about both of them really.

Chapter 7, page 101. (Sienna) "You're the one who doesn't talk to us.You're always reading or doing homework, pretending like we don't exist." Really? "No, I don't." Maddie said, "Uh-huh."

(4) Do you think Maddie & Sienna have a point? Can you seem snobby by ignoring two people gushing over your head? Or do you take Gigi's side? Why?

Chapter 8, page 120. (Bea) "Right, however..." She stood and folded her arms. "It's the Parad yearbook thing all over again. It's like we don't exist, Gigi. We bust our butts and participate in class and get these great grades yet, we're...invisible."

(5) No one would really admit to agreeing to a "hot-o-meter" (it's derogatory) but would you want to be on it, blatantly or secretly, like Bea and Gigi and the other girls do? Why do you think girls feel this way and do you think it would be better if the guys never made one at all?

Chapter 10, page 160. "Thank you," I whispered into the mic, before stepping away from the podium and quick-stepping across the gym floor, my head bowed, my fists clenched. I never wanted to have to do that again. Never.

(6) Have you eve had to do something hated or were afraid of? Like Gigi did when she spoke at the pep rally? Do you think she did a good job just getting up there and even saying something even thought she's terrified of public speaking? Or should she "man up" and move past her fear?

Chapter 11, page 164. "I do not like him." Neerja's mother cupped her hands around her tea. "Why does Neerja?"

(7) Do you think that Neerja's mother is right to be concerned about Justin? What about her choice to keep her opinion from Neerja?

Chapter 12, page 178. (Mike) "Because you went all crazy and for no good reason blocked Will from Facebook, he had no way to reach you to explain that something came up yesterday afternoon. Yeah. That's logical."

(8)Do you think that Gigi is right giving Will a second chance? Was it just an honest mistake?

(9) And also, was Gigi too quick to block and unfriend Will or should she have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt first?

(10) Do you think that's it's good for the election and emotionally for Gigi to get out of the honors lounge, start socializing, and well, existing by Sienna and Maddie's terms?

(11) How do you think Gigi's side of the election is doing so far? Okay, so-so, or sinking ship? What do you think she can do to fight for it?

Well, I hope those weren't that pitiful! ;) I hope you guys are enjoying the book so far, I have been. You guys just do whatever you want, I know those were a lot so just answer whichever you want and however many as well. I can't wait to see what you think!

Girly For LifeSara Bennett happens to be a slightly crazy girl. A slightly nerdy girl. A slightly strange girl who likes being that way.  A slightly obsessed girl when it comes to things she loves. A girl who cries when reading books. A girl who desperately wants her own personal library. A girl who is a total bookworm. A girl who would rather read than watch reality tv. A girl who wants to be an author someday. A girl who loves her Savior. And a girl who just loves to read.


  1. Wow these are deep questions :-)
    I think that Jim had a commitment to fill, and he broke it by his one mistake, and although it might not be completely fair he still knew the repercussions to his decisions. Considering myself, striking out of my comfort zone is something I should do, but I don't do it enough. Especially when it comes to other people.
    I still like Mike better than Will. And yeah I have had to do stuff that I hated, but most of the time I didn't regret doing it afterwards. (I know I didn't answer all the questions but these are the things I can think of at the moment.)

    1. Awww thanks! :) No problem, you don't have to answer them all :)
      I agree with you on just about all your answers :) Good call on the Jim issue! Thanks for taking the time to answer some!

  2. These are good questions!!!!!!!!!!
    I think Jim getting busted was fair. He drank and let a picture of it get out, showing his lack of control in that moment and so, yeah he got what he deserved, but maybe it was a little harsh.
    I think it's good that the trio is going out of there comfort zone because otherwise they'd just be replicas of Parad. I think it is easier with people by your side because you know there's someone by you the entire time.
    MIKE!! MIKE!! I just get a really bad vibe from Will. Mike seems like a genuine guy. While yes, he's a jock, he's got brains and he's really supportive (like when he cheered for Gigi at the pep rally).
    I agree with Maddie and Sienna. I had a few girls in my class that were quiet and I thought she was stuck up, but then I talked to her and she was really nice and a genuinely great person. So, I definitely take Maddie and Sienna's side. Sorry Gigi!! Please forgive me :P
    Honestly, I'd be hurt either way. If I wasn't on it I'd think it was because I was so terribly beastly looking. If I was on it I'd be upset that I wasn't higher then I was. But I think I'd prefer to be on it (I say this hesitantly). I think guys should just not make a meter, it's mean.
    Overall, great book so far!! And these were good questions, not bad in any way!! TEAM MIKE!! :D

  3. Great questions!
    I really enjoy that the girls are stepping outside of their comfort zone, especially in high school. In high school it's all about doing what's cool, but these girls are doing things that are different from what their used to and are embraced for it - I think it puts a great message out there for readers that are in high school!
    Maddie & Sienna's comments to Gigi are something to think about. I think relationships are two-sided and it's important to think about how your actions are coming across. Perhaps the girls think Gigi thinks they aren't worth her time when Gigi thinks that they think that she isn't worth their time (still with me?) I can see where they both are coming from, I like that they both move to make ties and develop something of a friendship.
    I thought that Gigi's actions towards Will were a little hasty, however I can understand where it was coming from. I mean, who does this guy think he is? I was so sad, I thought he had great potential to be a great guy and he seems like he's heading down to be the opposite. I'm intrigued to see how things are going to go with him.
    I'm really enjoying the book - it's hard to stop reading it!

  4. I think you did a fantastic job with the questions! :-)

    I don’t really think it was right that Jim got busted for drinking. It wasn’t at school, it had nothing to do with school, and kids shouldn’t be judged for what they do outside school. It would be like judging a teacher because they did something outside school - it has nothing to do with their teaching ability.

    I think people should definitely try things outside their comfort zone. I wish I had in high school. If I’d had more guts, or more supportive friends, I would have done a lot more, but I let being shy get in the way. I think it’s great that Gigi and Bea and Neerja took chances.

    I couldn’t make up my mind at first between Mike and Will - I knew neither of them would turn out to be what they originally seemed, so I figured I’d wait and sort of reserve judgment, and I’m glad I did!

    I think the hot-o-meter is totally demeaning, but it’s not surprising, and I suppose there’s part of me that even kinda finds it amusing. I wouldn’t have ranked on it in high school because I was pretty much invisible, but I’m sure there’s part of me that would have been disappointed even though I know it’s ridiculous.

    I think Gigi did a great job - I don’t think I’d have had the guts to get up in front of the whole school. Public speaking is terrifying for some people, but I’m sure that’s hard to understand for people who are really confident and do it easily.


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