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Stacking the Shelves #43

Hello Everyone! Emily is back! And I have been a pretty good girl the last couple of weeks and only bought three books! (This is really an accomplishment) Every book I got, though, is one I've been waiting on forever so there was no way I could put off those purchases. Here's what I got this week!

Thornhill by Kathleen Peacock- I loved Hemlock, and I'm so ready to read about werewolves right now so this one might have to be moved up in my tbr pile!

Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan- Holy Guacamole!! Unspoken left us in such a horrible situation I really really hope this book fixes everything...

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole- This series is really unique and once again, the last one left me with some very chaotic feelings so I really really need to know what happens!

What did you receive this week? I'd love to check out your Stacking The Shelves!

Oh hello there! My name is Emily, though some of you may know me as the Bookie Monster. As the name would suggest, I devour books like the Cookie Monster devours cookies. In my spare time, I like to bake cookies (and devour those as well) and dream about taking over the world. As if my book obsession wasn't life consuming enough,

I work in the children's room at my local library and I am currently a sophomore in college majoring in English. It's safe to say I'm a bit of a book fanatic. I discreetly shed a few tears on my eleventh birthday when I did not receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter and I waited seven hours outside in the rain just to get a good seat at the Hunger Games midnight premiere. I'm terrified of blood and Disney movies make me cry (in a good way). My passions include hippos, hugs, and Hans Zimmer…and uh,long walks on the beach. I'm just a normal girl w
ith a slightly abnormal and frightfully expensive obsession. Nice to meet you!


  1. Endless Knight was very good. I see that you got Thornhill. I would so love to have that book in my collection. Come check out my stack this week.

    My STS

  2. Thornhill is AMAZING! and I LOVE LOVE Hemlock! these three books are pretty awesome. I have poison princess but I haven't had the chance to read it. I really want to though!

    awesome book haul,
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. Thornhill sounds great, I liked Hemlock :D Happy reading!


  4. Untold! I'm currently reading it now :D Happy reading!

  5. Buying books that are a continuation of a series isn't bad at all! At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

  6. Woo nice haul! I still need to read the first of the Kathleen Peacock books!
    My Showcase Sunday :)

  7. Lovely haul! I still have to read Hemlock, looks like a good read though.
    Happy reading!

    My haul

  8. I got Untold and Endless Knight this week as well. Looking forward to your thoughts on these!

  9. Endless Knight! I loved Poison Princess!

    Sana @ Step Into Fiction

  10. I still need to pick up a copy of Thornhill, I loved Hemlock too, but not in the mood for werewolves at the moment, so I'm going to save it for when I need something good to read. :) I've got Untold waiting on my shelf. Hope you enjoy them! :)

    Heres mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  11. Looks like you have one heck of a week ahead of you. Happy reading! :D

    By the way we our celebrating "300 Likes on Facebook" so make sure to enter HERE! :)

    Our Stack
    Andy @ Owl Always Be Reading

  12. some goodies. all second books to series I want to read. Enjoy your haul.

  13. Great haul! I haven't read any of these, but love the sound of the books. Happy reading!


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