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Smart Girls Get What They Want Chapters 21-24 Discussion/Wrap-Up

Hi! Thank you to everyone who participated in this read along; it was a lot of fun :) The last few discussion questions are below and I've already picked a winner for the giant swag pack. The winner is Em. Thanks again!

Smart Girls Get What They Want
1.) Were you happy with the ending? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

2.) Did you agree with Gigi's assessment of Ava's personality at the end? 

3.) What did you think of that bookstore scene? ;)

4.) Lastly, what rating would you give this book out of 5?


  1. I was happy with the ending. I thought it was cute and funny and realistic because it didn't make any big promises or grand gestures, which often don't feel quite right when you're dealing with 17-year-olds.
    The whole thing with Ava made me sad and mad...I've had friends like that, who change to suit whoever's around, and it's sad to see that they can't stand on their own or figure out who they are without trying to be someone else to PLEASE someone else. I was glad Gigi was able to see that's what Ava was doing.
    I loved the bookstore scene. I was sure Mike was hiding his intelligence all along, so it was nice to see that depth from him, plus see that Gigi, who is crazy smart, still likes lighter readers and considers them smart books too, even though a lot of people consider them fluff.
    I gave the book 4.5 stars. It was one of the best contemporaries I've read this year.

    Thanks so much for hosting this and giving me an excuse to finally read this book! It was a lot of fun. :-)

  2. I was very happy with the ending, I was practically bouncing off the walls (no exaggeration). Mike was the perfect choice to end up with, and she was still friends..kind of...with Will, so everything worked out. AND HENRY AND NEERJA GOT TOGETHER!
    I totally agree with Gigi's assessment of Ava's personality. I wouldn't have thought of it like that if Gigi hadn't said anything, but it totally fits. I felt really bad for Ava too, but her loss.
    The bookstore scene...OMG......the feels that happened during that part were off the charts. It was the cutest thing in the world! You really got to see Mike for who he truly was and I fell for him along with Gigii. But then Will had to come and text and ruin EVERYTHING.
    I'd give this book 4.5 as well. One of the top books this year!

    You guys rock! Best read-a-long ever (my only one but still). Thank you for giving me a copy of the book :D

  3. Oh and congrats Em!!! Have fun with all the swag XD

  4. I think that the ending was wrapped up nicely, and that last few pages!!!! <333
    I would probably give it a 4/5. Great readalong Montana! Thanks for setting it up.

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  6. I enjoyed this one! The ending was not what I expected, but I liked it! I'm surprised she ended up with Mike, but they were pretty cute together and he was like a hidden gem! Ava and Gigi's situation was so complicated but I thought that Gigi handled it well! Though I feel bad for Ava, she needs a wakeup call.
    The bookstore scene was awesome!! I have no words, it was my favorite part of the book.
    I am giving this one a 4/5!
    Thank you for hosting this read along!! It was a blast :)


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