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Stacking the Shelves #48

Hello everyone! Emily here. So I have been so busy this November getting ready for finals and the holidays and everything, that I have not had time to get anymore books! GASP! I know. It's very surprsing for me as well. It's probably a good thing, though, because I have so many books in my TBR pile that I need to get to soon. I did get a couple of ebooks, though. So here is my measly haul for the month of November.


Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci- This book has gotten really mixed reviews on Goodreads so I'm a little nervous to start it. However, the premise is unique and I love everything alien, so I'm still really excited to see where this book takes me!

Sekret by Lindsay Smith- There are so many good things I can say about this book. First of all, it's a combination of history, espionage, dystopian, and a little telekinesis as well. How awesome is that? Just read the Goodreads description and you will understand!

What did you get this week? I'd love to check out your Stacking The Shelves! :)
Oh hello there! My name is Emily, though some of you may know me as the Bookie Monster. As the name would suggest, I devour books like the Cookie Monster devours cookies. In my spare time, I like to bake cookies (and devour those as well) and dream about taking over the world. As if my book obsession wasn't life consuming enough,

I work in the children's room at my local library and I am currently a sophomore in college majoring in English. It's safe to say I'm a bit of a book fanatic. I discreetly shed a few tears on my eleventh birthday when I did not receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter and I waited seven hours outside in the rain just to get a good seat at the Hunger Games midnight premiere. I'm terrified of blood and Disney movies make me cry (in a good way). My passions include hippos, hugs, and Hans Zimmer…and uh,long walks on the beach. I'm just a normal girl w
ith a slightly abnormal and frightfully expensive obsession. Nice to meet you!



  1. I only got two books this week as well :)

  2. That's cool that you got Sekret! I got that one a few weeks ago, but I haven't read it yet. It sounds EPIC :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Tin Star looks pretty good :) I've not heard of it before! Great haul

    My Haul!

  4. Sekret does sound really good, hope you enjoy it. Have fun reading and thanks for visiting! ~Pam

  5. Nice haul. Tin Star looks interesting. I hope you love your new books.

    Books of Love

  6. Secret looks great!

    Happy reaidnfg! <33

  7. I have these two as well and I'm so excited to read them. Sekret especially sounds absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to get to it.
    Enjoy your lovely books this week!

    Nick - My Haul

  8. I haven't caught any reviews of Tin Star yet, but I guess I should probably lower my expectations while I'm ahead. I look forward to reading both of these, especially Sekret. I love that it's quoted by Elizabeth Wein! I hope you enjoy them. :)

    Good luck with your finals, by the way.

  9. I haven't had time to read either of these yet but a couple of my friends who have loved them. I hope you enjoy your week off from school, get some nice reading time, and then rock your finals! Good luck :)

  10. Ooh, telekinesis too? It sounds like a definite win! Happy reading, can't wait to see your reviews :)

  11. I just finished Tin Star, and I'm afraid I'm one of the ones who fell into the "not liking this" category. It was just so dull. I'm reading Sekret now, and I'm trying to get into it. I hope you have better luck!

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

  12. I hope you'll enjoy both these books. I'm on a Net Galley Diet so I'll probably not going to be requesting these.

  13. I've never heard of any of these books before, but I hope you'll enjoy them all! (:


Hi! Thank you so much for commenting, I read each and every comment and love reading them :) Also, I'll comment back as soon as I can. Happy Reading!