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Holiday #Readathon

Happy December! I thought that'd it'd be fun to end the year with a readathon, so I've signed up for the Holiday #Readathon. There's so many fun challenges going on with it and I'm excited to participate. My goal for the three days is below:

Pawn (The Blackcoat Rebellion, #1)RoomiesAvalon (Avalon, #1)

I'd love to see your goals if you're participating! If not, what's on your TBR for this month?

Day 1:
  • 26 pages of Pawn
  • I had school today, so I didn't get too much accomplished, but I'm hoping to read a lot more tomorrow!


  1. Good luck! I have a bad track record with read-a-thons, but will be rooting for everyone to finish all of their goals!

  2. Fun! If I wasn't editing toward a deadline I would do this. If I make my editing goals I will totally treat myself to reading a zillion books. BTW I LOVE Sara Zarr and can't wait to read Roomies.

  3. The one in the middle (Roomies) looks really good! Yep, totally judging the book by the cover.


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