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2015 Contemporary Challenge

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally open sign-ups for the 2015 Contemporary Challenge, founded by Katie's Book Blog. Contemporary is my all time favorite genre, and it's amazing to host a challenge that spotlights its' books and authors. I'll be hosting it by myself this year, and I've made a few changes to the challenge. Here are the details for next year's challenge:

  • You can read any YA contemporary novel you'd like, and it doesn't necessarily have to be published in 2015. (The 2015 YA Scavenger Hunt will be exclusive to authors of YA contemporaries published in 2015, but for the challenge, you're welcome to read any contemporaries you'd like :)
  • For a book to count towards the challenge, you must read and review it between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.
  • You'll get one entry for each review posted to the link-up in the monthly prize pack drawings. If you link up one review, you'll get one entry, two reviews-two entries, and so on. 
  • Both the challenge and the monthly giveaways are international. 

  • Poppy: 1-5 Books
  • Carnation: 6-10 Books
  • Peony: 11-15 Books
  • Lily: 16-20 Books
  • Tulip: 21-25 Books
  • Rose: 26+ Books

More Details:
  • I'll post the review link-up and giveaway on the 25th of every month.
  • Everyone who has either a Goodreads or some platform to review on (blog, Youtube, etc). is eligible to participate! 
  • Sign-ups will stay open through January 31, 2015.
  • There's a Goodreads group for the challenge here and I'm working on adding all of the 2015 contemporary releases to the group's bookshelf. 

Why You Should Participate:
Contemporary YA has some incredible books and authors! If not just for that, there'll be awesome challenges and giveaways throughout the year. 

The YA Contemporary Scavenger Hunt will be back and Contemporary Challenge participants may just have an extra entry in that giveaway, too ;) 

Info For Authors:  
If you have a contemporary YA book coming out in 2015, and are interested in being featured in either the scavenger hunt or this year's challenge, email me at


For the following linky, please link the profile you'll be posting your reviews to (blog, Goodreads, etc.) I hope you join in and I'm excited for an amazing year in reading! :)

*Sign-ups are now closed, but if you'd like to be a participant in the challenge, email me at

Love & Other Theories by Alexis Bass Book Review

If you want more, you have to give less.
That’s the secret to dating in high school. By giving as little as they expect to get in return, seventeen-year-old Aubrey Housing and her three best friends have made it to the second semester of their senior year heartbreak-free. And it’s all thanks to a few simple rules: don’t commit, don’t be needy, and don’t give away your heart.
So when smoking-hot Nathan Diggs transfers to Lincoln High, it shouldn’t be a big deal. At least that’s what Aubrey tells herself. But Nathan’s new-boy charm, his kindness, and his disarming honesty throw Aubrey off her game and put her in danger of breaking the most important rule of all: Don’t fall in love.

Top 10 of 2014 Day 3: Best Sequels I've Read in 2014

Today's prompt was a freebie, and since I've read a lot of sequels in 2014, I figured I'd go with my favorites of the year. Here they are:

1) All Broke Down by Cora Carmack: I featured All Lined Up, the first book in this series, on my favorite books of 2014, and although I didn't quite like the sequel as much, it was still a great read! I love Silas and I'm so happy with where his story went. I'm especially excited to read Torres' story next ;)
All Broke Down (Rusk University, #2)

2) Unhinged by A.G Howard: Before reading this book, I didn't like Morpheus at all, but my opinion changed during the second half of Unhinged. I loved that you were able to see another side of him and that the intentions behind his actions became a lot clearer.

Unhinged (Splintered, #2)

3) Push by Eve Silver: I loved Rush, and Push was just as good! There's a very surprising twist towards the end and I'm anxious to read Crash.

Push (The Game, #2)

4) Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers: This was an amazing conclusion to the trilogy! Annith was the most relatable character to me out of the three MC's in the series and the romance was definitely pretty unique ;) 

Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

5) Sealed with a Lie by Kat Carlton: The Two Lies and a Spy series is one of my favorites and if you're looking for a new spy series, I'd definitely recommend this one! It's hilarious and more lighthearted than several others.

Sealed with a Lie (Two Lies and a Spy, #2)

6) Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Another spy series, Killer Instinct was fast-paced and full of constant suspense. I read it in one sitting and it features an awesome team of "gifted" teenagers who solve crimes. 

Killer Instinct (The Naturals, #2)

7) Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols: Brody and Harper were adorable together and this series is one of my favorites! I'll be posting my review as part of the blog tour next month :)
Perfect Couple (Superlatives, #2)

8 and 9) Pushed and Ignited by Corrine Jackson: The Sense Thieves series is, in my opinion, an underrated one, and every book just gets progressively better than the last one. I love when a romance you'd never expect develops and this series featured one of my favorite ones ever. 

Pushed (Sense Thieves, #2)Ignited (Sense Thieves #3)

10) Remember Me by Romily Bernard: This one also introduces a new love interest that I didn't expect, and I loved the mystery in this one as much as the first.

Remember Me (Find Me, #2)

What were your favorite sequels of 2014? Merry Christmas Eve! :) 

Three Year Blogoversary and Giveaway

Top 10 of 2014 Day 2: Best Book Covers of 2014

2014 had so many amazing cover designs, that it was hard to narrow it down to just ten books! Here are my final picks:

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes, #1)Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe, #1)
A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird, #1)Prisoner of Night and Fog (Prisoner of Night and Fog, #1)
The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)Illusions of Fate
WinterspellEvertrue (Everneath, #3)
The One (The Selection, #3)Unhinged (Splintered, #2)

Do we have any covers in common? As always, I'd love to visit your posts! :)

2014 YA Contemporary Challenge Final Link-Up and Giveaways

Top 10 of 2014 Day 1: Best Books I've Read in 2014

I haven't participated in this before, but it's always looked like so much fun! Here are my top ten books that I read in 2014:

1) On The Fence by Kasie West: As always with Kasie West, this was an amazing read. It's so adorable and the perfect book to cheer you up! 

On the Fence

2) Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi: Ignite Me was so beautifully written and it's the best series conclusion that I've ever read. I'm planning to eventually reread this series.  

Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)

3) The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel: I loved this dystopian, and it's definitely one of the more unique ones. Bishop is such an sweet guy and after that cliffhanger, I need the next book.

The Book of Ivy (The Book of Ivy, #1)

4) Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross: This crosses over both the young adult and new adult genres and it was incredible :) I thought the way baseball was incorporated into the story was really cool, too. 

Whatever Life Throws at You

5) Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer Armentrout: I am Team Roth for sure. He's hilarious and can be super sweet, especially around Layla. I'm excited to see who Layla will choose in the final book. 
Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements, #2)
6) Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover: This was my favorite new adult novel of the entire year! It's such an emotional read and the characters are extremely well developed. My emotions were tugged every way they could be with this book.
Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)

7) Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols: I've always enjoyed Jennifer Echols' books, but I especially love this series! Biggest Flirts is a super cute contemporary and I couldn't put it down. There's plenty of humor and romance throughout, too ;) 

Biggest Flirts (Superlatives, #1)

8) Camp Boyfriend by J.K Rock: Camp Boyfriend is the perfect summer read! It brought back so many great memories of summer camp and the relationships that come out of it. 
Camp Boyfriend (Camp Boyfriend, #1)

9) All Lined Up by Cora Carmack: I wasn't a big fan of her Losing It series (at least the books I read from it), but I ended up really enjoying All Lined Up! Maybe I just like new adult books that incorporate a sport? :p

All Lined Up (Rusk University, #1)

10) Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley: This book was so entertaining and gave me a bunch of flashbacks to Cadet Kelly ;) The realism definitely shone through and I'd recommend this book to anyone, even if you're not a huge fan of contemporaries. 

Rites of Passage

What were your Top 10 favorite books of 2014? I'd love to visit your posts! 

Stacking The Shelves #65

Hi everyone! I haven't done a Stacking The Shelves yet this month, so this haul is for all of the books I've received in December.

For Review (via Edelweiss):
The Secrets of AttractionMost Likely to Succeed (Superlatives, #3)Heat of the MomentThings We Know by HeartMagoniaCrimson Bound

For Review (Print Copies):
A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)Kissing Ted Callahan (And Other Guys)
Princess of ThornsGathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms, #3)NobodySwimming to TokyoIgnited (Sense Thieves #3)

Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)Make it Count (Bowler University, #1)As Long As You Love Me (2B Trilogy #2)TapeThe Hit List

Thank you so much HarperCollins, Bloomsbury, NOVL, Kristen and Meghann

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? :)