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Rush Author Interview and Giveaway

Hi everyone! I thought it'd be a lot of fun to start doing more author interviews, and in January, I'm so happy to be interviewing Eve Silver, the author of one of my favorite books I read in 2013, Rush. Here's the interview: 

What inspired you to write Rush? 

The short answer: games and anime. 

The longer answer: The Game trilogy, starting with RUSH, began with…a game. I live in a household that’s 75% gamers and because the layout is open concept, I can’t go anywhere without seeing and/or hearing a game. We have an xbox 360, playstation 3, game cube, Wii, three laptops, three desktops, several Wacom tablets, and a few iPads. Seriously, someone is always playing—Call of Duty, Gears of War, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Starcraft, Halo, Oblivion, The Last of Us, League of Legends (MOBA-massive online battle arena), Assassin’s Creed, and Starcraft (RTS-real time strategy). Hubby and sons are the ones who line up to get the game at midnight the second it releases. They’re the ones who buy the special collector’s edition that comes with a massive plastic helmet or dragon and then proudly display said helmet or dragon in…wait for it…my living room. 

Am I a gamer? I can’t make that claim. I’ve played a little Fallout (RPG) and my all time favorite is the old Donkey Kong for SuperNintendo, but my chosen role is more observer than player. 

The second part of the inspiration equation was anime. I started out watching Trigun, GTO, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Rurouni Kenshin and Get Backers on DVDs I rented from this weird little store tucked away in the living room of an old house. It was run by these two dudes and their mom (who was like…80). More anime awesomeness: Red Line, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro.

So I put the two together and came up with the idea for RUSH.

What are you currently working on writing?

I'm currently writing the next book in The Game series, which will follow book 2, PUSH. I've also been working on a cool sci-fi in space idea, as well as a dark, suspenseful contemporary story.  

Was it harder for you to write Rush or Push?

Every book has its trials and rewards. RUSH was tough because it was my first venture into the YA arena, my first book told in first person, the first time I'd written a series that would follow the same lead character throughout. 

PUSH was tough because I felt the pressure to keep the continuity, to stay true to the characters while making sure they showed growth and development. And the world I created got bigger in PUSH, and more frightening. 

But at the same time, I love these characters. I love Miki’s strength and determination. I love Jackson’s protectiveness and the way he feels about Miki. I love the aliens and the action and the way that Miki has to balance the real world with the stress of the game. 

I think the third book will be the hardest because I’ll have to say goodbye.

Did you always know you wanted to become a writer? What/who made you want to become one?

I wrote my first book when I was nine. It was the story of an unwanted teddy bear that found a new and loving home. I actually sent that manuscript to a publisher and received my first rejection letter. Over the years I kept writing, but I also did other stuff…got a couple of science degrees, worked in health care, taught human anatomy, worked as Director of Academic Education. But writing fed my soul and I always came back to it.  

What are your favorite books and authors?

As a little kid I loved Bread and Jam for Frances by Russel Hoban, the entire set of Dover Children’s Classics fairy books (The Red Fairy Book, The Green Fairy Book, The Blue Fairy Book, etc. by Andrew Lang), The Ghost of Dibble Hollow by May Nickerson Wallace, and Nancy Drew mysteries.

As a teen I loved Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, anything and everything by V. C. Andrews, and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Some of my more recent faves include J. K. Rowling, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Sarah Waters, Judith Ivory, Maggie Stiefvater (The Scorpio Races), Linda Howard, Karen Marie Moning (Fever series), Kelley Armstrong, Christopher Moore, Andrzej Sapkowski, Naomi Novik, Daphne du Maurier, Edgar Allan Poe, Melissa Marr, Morgan Rhodes, Veronica Rossi…I could keep going indefinitely.

What do you like to do, when you're not reading or writing? 

Kayaking. I love dropping the kayak onto a smooth lake or a rough ocean and just paddling and paddling with the sun a perfect disc overhead and the water parting to let me pass. 

Walking the dogs, especially in the snow. Their antics make me laugh.

Hanging with family and friends. Good company. Good food. Lots of laughs. I can’t ask for more.

Baking. I love inventing my own recipes.

Quick Questions:

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.
Beach or Mountains? A beach with a mountain view.
E-book or Physical? At home, physical. When I’m travelling, E-book, because an e-reader lets me carry so many titles with me.  
Dystopian or Sci-Fi? I see dystopian as a subcategory of sci-fi because there are often strong sci-fi threads running through any dystopian, so I’m going to have to say both.

Lastly, I'm giving away a copy of her book, Rush. This giveaway is international :)

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  1. Hey meh, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today.
    Regards, Daniel from

  2. I too was always surrounded by gamers, though I'm only big on the Sims.

  3. Thanks for the interview! I'm not a gamer myself, but a lot of my friends are...I find many of the stories, etc. fascinating!

  4. CHOCOLATE FOR THE WIN! Also, I love baking as well! I have Push and cannot wait to star it (I haven't yet, because of my reading schedule). Glad to hear that you are working on Crash, and oooo, a new book! That's great! I will read anything you write, lady :D

    Not entering the giveaway, but thank you so much, Montana and Eve!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. Wow that really is a lot of gaming stuff! My husband plays and my kids play a little but they are still young. We only have a playstation 3 though. I can see how gaming could inspire a book like this though. I have Rush, I just haven't read it yet!

  6. I really loved RUSH too and am excited to read the next book! Thanks for the interview!

  7. Knew someone in the family had to be a gamer! And a serious one at that, the way the world is arranged. Definitely interested in what happens in the next book!

  8. I'm not a big gamer myself, but I love this idea of including it in a book! Rush sounds interesting, I can't wait to read it!

  9. Oh,I love the book instantly.So excited to read it.

  10. I haven't read this book just yet but I did hear some interesting things about it. It's so interesting to me, because I don't know the second thing about games. I was never into them. Great post :)

  11. I've been meaning to pick up the series and haven't had a chance yet. I'm glad to see this post and appreciate the giveaway!

  12. That was a great interview! I love that you do kayaking in your spare time. I really wish to try it at least once

  13. Rush was one of my favorite reads last year. I read a library copy, so I don't have one of my own and I would love to! I can't wait to read it again, and I am more than ready for the sequel! I loved the interview. I can't believe she actually sent a manuscript out at nine! That is amazing, rejection or not. I never would have thought to do that at that age. Baking, hanging out with my family, those are two of my fave things to do as well! We rarely get snow here in SC. but when we have our dogs are too funny. They have no idea whats going on, and it is too funny watching them try and figure it out! Really enjoyed the interview! And thank you so much for the chance to win!


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