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Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens Book Review

An edgy, realistic, and utterly captivating novel from an exciting new voice in teen fiction. 

 Alexi Littrell hasn't told anyone what happened to her over the summer. Ashamed and embarrassed, she hides in her closet and compulsively scratches the back of her neck, trying to make the outside hurt more than the inside does.

When Bodee Lennox, the quiet and awkward boy next door, comes to live with the Littrells, Alexi discovers an unlikely friend in "the Kool-Aid Kid," who has secrets of his own. As they lean on each other for support, Alexi gives him the strength to deal with his past, and Bodee helps her find the courage to finally face the truth. 
A searing, poignant book, Faking Normal is the extraordinary debut novel from an exciting new author-Courtney C. Stevens.

Absolutely moving. I really connected with Lexi and I really loved her. Bodee was great as well and it was the little details that really made their characters. I think that we're all a little broken and the way that they each had a way for dealing with it counting, hurting their neck, sitting under a bed, etc. really displayed that. 

And it was those little things and because the characters felt so alive and real that this book went over so well. It's also an interesting book as there is a bit of a sad mystery to figure out and you want both of them to become happy again. So I read through it pretty quickly and I connected with the characters right after the first chapter. 

The chemistry between Lexi and Bodee was great and not just the romantic sparks, they really wanted to help each other and they had a really great partnership once they started trusting each other. They were just SO sweet to the other. Well usually. As for the rest of the characters I didn't care too much for them because they had either hurt Bodee or Lexi or hadn't noticed how they were doing.

Overall I really just think this is a book that a lot of people can relate to because they've gone through something, even if it isn't a something as extreme as what Lexi and Bodee went through. And it also serves to show that even through something terrible you can move past it and become stronger. If anything I think this book is an incredibly moving story with wonderful characters that all points to the word HOPE. Because that's what it's all about for all of us. That's what keeps us moving forward. I'm giving Faking Normal 5 out of 5 flowers because I really think it deserves it and it's definitely a book I enjoyed, would recommend and would reread.

The copy I read was provided through Edelweiss, thank you Montana for letting me download it because I really enjoyed it. I'm also really sorry that this post is out several hours late. I remembered about this review needing a little more work this morning at 1 AM, for some reason I didn't set a reminder on my iPod. Anyway, sorry, my life has been insane it won't happen again! 

Sara Bennett happens to be a slightly crazy girl. A slightly nerdy girl. A slightly strange girl who likes being that way.  A slightly obsessed girl when it comes to things she loves. A girl who cries when reading books. A girl who desperately wants her own personal library. A girl who is a total bookworm. A girl who would rather read than watch reality tv. A girl who wants to be an author someday. A girl who loves her Savior. And a girl who just loves to read.


  1. Ahhh I read a review on this book 3 times in the past like half hour going through BlogLovin haha It sounds really amazing and I'm happy everyone is giving it such high ratings!! Can't wait to read it :)

  2. I heard so many awesome stuff about this book. I am glad to hear how real it sounded and that it faced some difficult topics. I am also glad to see you connected with the character,

  3. This is the second amazing review I'm reading for this one too. I have seen the book around but had no idea it has so much potential. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Great review :)

  4. I've been hearing good things about this one. I'm glad to hear you loved it!

  5. I think every review I've seen of this one has been really positive. I don't read a lot of contemporary, but this is one I'd give a try!


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