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February Contemporary Releases

Hi everyone! I thought it'd be fun to spotlight some of the upcoming February YA contemporary releases. There's some pretty amazing books coming out this month :) Here are the releases that I'm the most excited about:

February 4:
The Real Prom Queens of Westfield HighSomething Real

February 11
Solving for Ex

February 18
Maybe One DayBright Before Sunrise

February 25
Faking NormalBetter off FriendsThe Secret Diamond Sisters (The Secret Diamond Sisters, #1)The Academy: Love MatchYear of Mistaken Discoveries

Which contemporary releases are you most excited for this month? Did I miss any? 


  1. I'm excited for Year of Mistaken Discoveries by Eileen Cook, Solving for Ex by LeighAnn Kopans, and The Real Prom Queens of Westfield High by Laurie Boyle Crompton. Better Off Friends looks good too :)

    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Book Blog

    1. I forgot that those were coming out. Year of Mistaken Discoveries definitely sounds amazing! Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I even recognize most of these. LOL I do love a good contemporary. :)

  3. Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor comes out the 18th and Solving for Ex by Leigh Ann Kopans comes out the 11th.
    Can't wait for Faking Normal and Better Off Friends!!!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! I'm adding them in :)

  4. I think I'm most excited about The Secret Diamond Sisters. I don't think you missed any contemporaries, but there's plenty of YA not on the list: Storm and Stone, Mistwalker, Prince of Shadows, Alienated... :-)

  5. Ooh, thanks for the list, I'll have to check these out! Contemporary is my favorite genre. :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  6. There are several books up there that are on my list! Faking Normal, by the way, was an absolutely great book!


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