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Pat of Silver Bush by L.M Montgomery Book Review

Pat of Silver Bush (Pat of Silver Bush, #1)From the beloved author of Anne of Green Gables comes another lively heroine with great imagination. Patricia Gardiner loved Silver Bush more than anything else in the world. She was born and raised in the beautiful old-fashioned house on Prince Edward Island. From her first day at school to the arrival of her new own first romance, Pat shares her experiences with her beloved friends and discovers the one thing that truly never changes: the beauty and peace she will always find at Silver Bush--the house that remembers her whole life.
Source: Publisher For Review
Pages: 356 pages
Release Date: March 4, 2014 (New Edition; Original Pub 1933) 

One of my all time favorite reads is Anne of Green Gables, but I hadn't read any of her other series. Therefore, I was especially excited to try another one of her novels, Pat of Silver Bush. It was a great read with another memorable story!

While I liked Pat as a narrator, I do have to admit that she could be slightly frustrating at times. She definitely has a strong love for Silver Bush, which she constantly talked about. She was an all-around okay heroine, but there was not too much about her that I was able to relate to. Still, the story itself was very entertaining.

I feel like Montgomery's writing can make any book an enjoyable read. The way the setting was described was beautiful and I hope to visit Prince Edward Island myself one day. There were a few funny moments throughout the novel and all of Pat's friends were great, too. There's just something so nice about reading an L.M Montgomery novel.

Overall, while I didn't like it as much as Anne of Green Gables, Pat of Silver Bush is still an extremely enjoyable read. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 flowers :)


  1. +JMJ+

    I haven't read any of L.M. Montgomery novels beyond those featuring Anne Shirley, but I'm sure that her descriptions of setting are as wonderful in the others as they are in those I know. =) How would you say Pat is different from Anne?

    1. I feel like Anne is more adventurous and lovable, if that makes sense. The setting is definitely amazing :)

  2. I haven't read any of her other books either... I'm starting to wonder if I've even read Anne of Green Gables! I'd really love to read the Anne series (obvs) but also her Story Girl series, which Road to Avonlea was based on... and was one of my favorite childhood shows! I've never actually heard of this one!

    1. I've never heard of the Story Girl series before, but I'm going to research it. I didn't know that Road to Avonlea was based on it. That's so cool!

  3. Can you believe I have never read Anne of Green Gables? I really should someday.
    I am glad you liked this even if you didn't love it.

    1. I hope you get the chance to! Anne of Green Gables is a wonderful book.


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