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Guest Review: Famous Last Words by Katie Alender

Famous Last WordsHollywood history, mystery, murder, mayhem, and delicious romance collide in this unputdownable thriller from master storyteller Katie Alender.Willa is freaking out. It seems like she's seeing things. Like a dead body in her swimming pool. Frantic messages on her walls. A reflection that is not her own. It's almost as if someone -- or something -- is trying to send her a message.
Meanwhile, a killer is stalking Los Angeles -- a killer who reenacts famous movie murder scenes. Could Willa's strange visions have to do with these unsolved murders? Or is she going crazy? And who can she confide in? There's Marnie, her new friend who may not be totally trustworthy. And there's Reed, who's ridiculously handsome and seems to get Willa. There's also Wyatt, who's super smart but unhealthily obsessed with the Hollywood Killer.
All Willa knows is, she has to confront the possible-ghost in her house, or she just might lose her mind . . . or her life.
Acclaimed author Katie Alender puts an unforgettable twist on this spine-chilling tale of murder, mystery, mayhem -- and the movies.

Famous Last Words is a murder-mystery-thriller; with a serial killer, ghosts, pathological liars, and possible love interests. I hadn’t heard of this book before so I had no expectations going in to it but what reeled me in was the creepy blurb on the back! This book was exciting, well-written, and Kate did a fantastic job with the creep factor, which made me thoroughly enjoy the book. The plot was fast paced and there isn’t a boring part in this book. I did however have a pretty good idea who the killer was, but that doesn’t change my opinion of the book. I had never read anything from Kate but I will be picking up her other books when I get the chance! 

Willa and her mother have just moved to Hollywood with Willa’s new, famous director stepfather, Jonathon Waters. Willa is not the happiest girl and this is mainly because her father passed away almost two years prior and she feels responsible for his death. Every night Willa takes a special ring and lights a purple candle, to try and communicate with her dad, she has yet to reach him. She may have reached something else though. Willa and the family live in a large old mansion that once belonged to a famous movie star, who happened to have died in the house. 

“The Hollywood Killer”, as called by the press, is causing a stir in town by killing young actresses and posing them to match different death scenes from movies. Soon after, Willa starts having strange visions, including things that can actually interact with her. Someone, or something, is really trying to get her attention and not always in the best of ways. She thinks she is going crazy. That is until she meets Wyatt Shepard. 

I really enjoyed all of the characters in the book. Willa and Wyatt have a great relationship together. Reed, Jonathon’s assistant, is pretty much a Hollywood heartthrob, who doesn’t go unnoticed by Willa. Marnie is Willa’s first friend, which makes Willa mother very happy. There are a few times when I would have liked to slap her though. 

I really can’t recommend this book enough, especially with Halloween right around the corner. I rarely give books a five star rating but this one really deserved it. If you are into creepy murder mystery type books, then this is definitely the book for you!

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  1. I am always up for a good mystery. I think this is one that I will need to grab.

  2. I cannot believe that I haven't heard of this one before, but it is soooo good! I love good mystery and usually I end up disappointed by that genre but this one seems to be a winner. Cannot wait to read it now. Great review, Montana :)


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