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The Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer Book Review

When Stephen is forced to move back to the nowhere town where his father grew up, he’s already sure he’s not going to like it. Spencer, Michigan, is like a town straight out of a Hitchcock movie, with old-fashioned people who see things only in black-and-white. But things start looking up when Stephen meets the mysterious twins Cara and Devon. They’re total punks–hardly the kind of people Stephen’s dad wants him hanging out with–but they’re a breath of fresh air in this backward town. The only problem is, Cara and Devon don’t always get along, and as Stephen forms a friendship with the charismatic Devon and something more with the troubled Cara, he starts to feel like he’s getting caught in the middle of a conflict he doesn’t fully understand. And as Devon’s group of friends, who hang out in a cemetery they call The Playground, get up to increasingly reckless activities to pass the summer days, Stephen worries he may be in over his head.
Stephen’s fears prove well-founded when he learns of Spencer’s dark past. It seems the poor factory town has a history of “bad times,” and many of the town’s oldest residents attribute the bad times to creatures right out of an urban legend. The legend goes that the only way the town will prosper again is if someone makes a sacrifice to these nightmarish creatures. And while Stephen isn’t one to believe in old stories, it seems Devon and his gang might put a lot of faith in them. Maybe even enough to kill for them.
Now, Stephen has to decide what he believes, where his allegiances lie, and who will really be his friend in the end.

I've read one or two of Heather Brewer's books before and enjoyed them. I wasn't sure how much I would like this one, however, since it's a thriller/horror genre that I don't usually read. I actually didn't enjoy it as much as I would have hoped, but I did love getting to be emerged in Brewer's writing again. I really liked the descriptions and the pace of the book. If I had to pick a favorite thing about this book it would definitely be the writing or Spencer, the town. Spencer has character and while it might seem like the typical dreary, small town it has layers and legends that arise with time. The plot is interesting and I felt I was reading pretty quickly and I was excited to figure out the mystery of what exactly was going on and if these old stories were true or not. I did guess a pretty big part of the plot, but I don't think it took away too much from the story for me.

There are some interesting characters in Spencer. Then there's the group of kids that Stephan starts hanging out with. Some seem to be nice enough, the other seem to be completely loyal to Devon, to the point where they would follow his every command. Devon seems to be more than a little strange and threatening, while his sister, Cara,  seems alluring, easy to talk to, and beaten down by life just as much as Stephan has been. I liked Cara up to a certain point of the book, Stephan's rather bitter and unfeeling grandmother was a character I grew to like, and Markus or Stephan would have to be my favorite. While at some points I couldn't help wondering why Stephan did or didn't do something, when he could obviously pick up on hints that things weren't right...but then I guess he got wrapped up in everything pretty quickly.

Overall, I enjoyed the writing and Spencer was creepy and horrible in all the best ways. There were some interesting characters and the plot was exciting, even if I guessed some things. Horror/thriller isn't necessarily my thing but if I did read it more, I would be reading books like this where there are eerie superstitions and mysteries to be solved. Horror books that were interesting without being very scary or gory, basically. So if you want something that's a little in the middle (and are alright with the mini-cult going on) I'd advise you to check this one out, as Heather Brewer is a great author. I'm giving The Cemetery Boys 3 out of 5 flowers.

Sara Bennett, someone more likely to be found in bed, curled up with a good book, than out at a sports game or a gig (although she's pretty addicted to music too). Hoping for a better world, believing in her Savior, daydreaming of One Direction, hanging out with friends, or wherever she may be or might be doing....there's always a little voice inside wondering if it's almost time to return to the books sitting on her shelf. In short, an average young woman with a book in hand and a dream to write one day.


  1. Lovely review! I am quite curious about this one. Although the author's name does sound familiar, I don't believe I've read anything of hers before, but I might after reading this. I love the sound of the storyline, and hey, I find that I quite enjoy creepy stories. ^_^

  2. I have never read a Heather Brewer before. I have been excited for this one for some time and I have it on audio. I have heard some up and down reviews, so I haven't grabbed it yet. i think most horror I can guess the book all the way through, hard to find horror with enough red herrings to pull off a great mystery but i do still love horror. great review.

  3. I was really hoping this would be a stand out read but for the most part almost everyone that I know that has read it has pretty much agreed with you that this was just a so so read for them. Not wonderful but good.
    Great review!

  4. This is one of those books that completely flew under my radar until I saw it start to pop up on blog after blog, after blog. And each time I read a review, even one that was kind of meh, I got more and more excited about this book. I can't wait to give it a try.

    Great review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

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