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Pasadena Loves YA Recap

Hi everyone! Earlier today, I attended the Pasadena Loves YA book festival. It's the second year they've had it, and having not been able to attend last year, I was so excited to go! It was such an amazing experience :)

The keynote started at 12:00 and my mom and I arrived around 11:30. When we walked in, we were each given a tote bag and allowed to pick 2 books from a rack of ARCs. Here's what we picked up:

My mom picked up Legacy of Kings and The Scorpion Rules while I chose Tonight the Streets Are Ours and DaVinci's Tiger. I purchased The Duff there from Vromans Bookstore :)

After the keynote, we attended the Second Chances panel, featuring Lauren Miller, Sarah Tomp, Morgan Matson, and Brandy Colbert. They had a swag table set up in the room with lots of awesome buttons along with a food table at the back. It was a very cool set-up :)

Following that panel, we attended The First Time: Draft to Finish Line panel, featuring Virginia Boecker, Victoria Aveyard, Alexis Bass, and Kody Keplinger. 

Alexis Bass commented that in college, she hoped to date a paleontologist due to her love of dinosaurs. It was pretty hilarious :) Kody Keplinger shared that her back-up career when sixteen (if being a writer didn't work out) was to become an actress. Virginia Boecker didn't originally plan to get The Witch Hunter published until some of her friends encouraged her to try to. Victoria Aveyard wrote her first draft of Red Queen in six months and to describe the sequel in one word, chose the word "redemption".

Following the panel, I got my copy of The Duff signed. Kody Keplinger is such a sweet & down-to-earth person! She's hilarious, too. While waiting in line, I got to chat with Mandy from The Romance Bookie, who I met at a signing in Santa Barbara a few years ago. Her blog is awesome and it was so great to see her again! :) 

Following that panel, we left the event. I had such a great time and it's one of my favorite book events that I've attended! Thank you to all the volunteers, authors, and Pasadena library for making it possible :) 


  1. Cool. I'm not that far away from Pasadena, I'll be looking out for this for 2016.

  2. Sounds like an awesome festival! I can't wait for Victoria Aveyard's next book :)

  3. This event sounds awesome! (Also, two free ARCs? YEAH BABY!) The panels and signing seemed like tons of fun and I'm glad you had a great time! :D

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!


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