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The Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon: Voting and Intro Post

Hi everyone! First off, I want to apologize for my recent lack of posts. June got pretty busy for me, but I'm hoping to be much more frequent with my posting in July. I stumbled across this readathon on Twitter and it seriously sounds like the coolest readathon ever :) Here are the rules for the readathon:

"The premise is, you pick a couple of books you really want to read and post a list somewhere then people vote on which of those books you HAVE to read. You try and get through as many on your list during the week, starting with the book that received the most amount of votes. (If you have any ties, then you can pick which you read first). Remember to pick out a few more books than what you think you’ll get through."

The following are the books I've picked out. I'm hoping to get through at least five of them. I'll be reading the books that receive the most votes! The poll allows you to vote for up to five books.

One Plus OneThe FixerLooking for AlibrandiThe Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1)First & ThenEvery Last WordJackaby (Jackaby, #1)Boys Like YouMore Than Music (Chasing The Dream, #1)A Heart Revealed

Which books should I read?

One Plus One
The Fixer
Looking for Alibrandi
The Wrath & the Dawn
First & Then
Every Last Word
Boys Like You
More Than Music
A Heart Revealed

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  1. Yessss my two pics are in the lead!

  2. I LOVE One Plus One and The Wrath and the Dawn. I hope you get around to reading those two!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. I haven't read any of these books yet, but I heard lots of great things from Every Last Breath, so I voted that, along with First & Then, which I'm really anticipating. Happy reading! :)

    Kim @ Divergent Gryffindor: BLOG || VLOG
    Most recent post: June Wrap-Up

  4. THE WRATH AND THE DAWN. Ugh, I want to read that so bad, but money :( I'd be really interested to see what you think of Jackaby because I haven't seen much about it.

    Thank you so so much for participating in the read-a-thon and I hope you enjoy yourself when it comes around!

    x Ely


Hi! Thank you so much for commenting, I read each and every comment and love reading them :) Also, I'll comment back as soon as I can. Happy Reading!