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Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols Book Review

Perfect Couple is #2 in the Superlatives series about seniors at a Florida high school who are selected for their class's superlative categories in the yearbook, and how the labels change the way they view themselves and alter the course of their lives.
Can your heart be put to a popular vote?
As yearbook photographer, Harper is responsible for capturing those candid moments that make high school memorable. But her own life is anything but picture perfect. Her parents' bitter divorce has left her wondering what a loving relationship would look like. And ever since the senior class voted her and star quarterback Brody the “Perfect Couple That Never Was,” her friends have been on her case to ask Brody out.
Brody doesn’t lack in female admirers, but Harper can't see herself with him. He seems confused about why they were matched together, too. They’re total opposites—the last people in the world who would ever be compatible, let alone the “perfect couple.” Yet ever since the class paired the two of them, they've found themselves drawn together--first by curiosity, then by an undeniable bond.
The trouble is, though they're very attracted to each other and both of them admit this, they have a hard time getting along or even communicating clearly. If they’re the perfect couple, this shouldn’t be so difficult! Soon it becomes clear their class was wrong, and they throw in the towel. But after they walk away, both of them feel so changed from making the effort that they can’t forget each other. What if that means this match made in hell is the perfect couple after all?

I’m getting too old for this, guys.

I am 100% sure that if I had read this book when I was younger, I would have absolutely enjoyed it.

The partying, the drinking, the hooking-up, the revenge makeouts, the gossiping, the cheating, the rumors; I used to eat it all up when I was 15.

But now I’m 19, a college student, and I’ve seen all of these things up close. And they’re not pretty or glamorous or even fun. So reading this book for me was less charming, and more eye-roll inducing.

Harper herself didn’t really improve the situation because I didn’t really like her. Yes, she’s “her own person” but she’s so naive! When she started liking Brody, she thought she needed to change her image to be with him.

“Are people saying I stopped wearing glasses and started dressing like Grace just to get Brody?” 

I also didn’t like the boyfriend she had, Kennedy, because he was such a misogynistic, pompous, ass. Harper acted like a battered wife around him and I just wanted to scream at her to make her see sense.

The romance between Brody and Harper is good, but almost entirely lustful. If there had been more set up for the romance, instead of senseless angst, I could’ve liked it more.

All in all, while it was a short, sometimes entertaining, read, Perfect Couple is not all that good. I love Jennifer Echols regardless but have to admit that it’s not her best work.

-Marianne :) 


  1. Sorry you didn't like this one. I thought it was a fun series but I can totally see how others wouldn't like it. ;)
    Great honest review!!

  2. Le sigh. I feel the same way, Marianne. I feel the same way.


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