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I'm participating in the Rock My TBR Challenge this year and Sarah created an awesome tag to go along with it! :) Here are my responses:

1. SMELL LIKE TEEN SPIRIT (Nirvana) – A Contemporary I Want to Read
I've heard such great things about Liars Inc., and I've read Venom and The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes- which were both good reads- so I'm excited to see how this one will be.

2. SHUT UP AND DANCE (Walk to the Moon) – Most Anticipated Book You Have
I really enjoyed Throne of Glass, so I'm excited to continue on with the series. I'm hoping to be up to date with it by the end of the year.

3. CENTURIES (REMIX) (Fall Out Boy) – A Twist on a Classic or Fairy Tale
This topic was harder for me to pick a book for than I thought it would be, but I absolutely loved Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound looks amazing! Rosamund Hodge has such a great writing style.

4. YOSHIMI BATTLES THE PINK ROBOT (The Flaming Lips) – A Science Fiction Book or a Book Set in the Future
I'm definitely not much of a sci-fi fan but I've had Slated on my shelf for ages and I know a lot of people are huge fans of the series.

5. SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT (5 Seconds of Summer) – A Book with a Girl on the Cover
The Bloodlines and Vampire Academy series are both great, but I've heard so many mixed things about this one. I still intend to read it, though, to form my own opinion :) 

6. AFRICA (Toto) – A Book Set in a Foreign Country
This is the second book in the Night School series, the first of which was published in the U.S. I absolutely love Night School and the series takes place at a boarding school in England.

7. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (Queen) – A Book or Books That Will Complete a Series
I love the Obsidian series, so I'm excited to finally finish it. I actually started reading Origin right when I got it, but put it down for some reason. I remember Daemon it being just as amazing as always, though ;)

8. SOMEONE NEW (Hozier) – A Book by an Author You Haven’t Read Yet
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr: The praise for this has been incredible, but I've heard it's super emotional, so I'm waiting for the right time to read it.

9. HELLO (Adele) –  A Book your DNF or Weren’t in the Mood for at the Time
I honestly don't know whether or not I'll ever finish this. I was bored while reading it and I can't remember too much from it. Is it worth finishing? 

10. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Kylie Minogue)–  A Book you Bought Because of the Cover
This cover is one of my favorites of all time, and I've heard great things about both the romance and story itself.

What books from your TBR pile are you planning to read this year? I tag anyone who wants to do this tag! :)


  1. slated has been on my list for so so long. Lots of great books here. i hope you get through quite a bit of your tbr.

  2. You have all great books to read, I really hope you enjoy them all!


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