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Overdrive by Dawn Ius Blog Tour Stop

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to feature a playlist from Dawn Ius, the author of Overdrive, today. Here's the playlist and then a little more about the book and author:


5-10 songs that remind you of the book, a scene and/or character(s)

While writing OVERDRIVE, I cranked up a long list of fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping tunes, many of which are likely familiar as they’ve been featured on the kinds of movies that inspired the book—Gone in 60 Seconds, Fast & The Furious, Oceans 11, etc., plus there are some throwbacks to a few of my favorite movies, like Lost Boys and The Terminator. (Kyle Reece is still one of my favorite movie boyfriends…)

Perhaps the biggest challenge was culling the list to 10 for your blog ;-) Here goes:

Testarossa Autodrive

The energy of this beat really got my adrenaline pumping for writing the chase scenes. And I guess there are a few of those scenes…;-) 

Pedal to the Metal - Kazzer

Another heist scene favorite, and the first song that made my own driving playlist when I bought my 2009 RX-8 after selling my debut, Anne & Henry. 

Drive It Like You Stole It - Glitch Mob

This song was on repeat for the opening scene, which was probably one of the most fun scenes I have ever written. 

Nightcall - Kavinsky

The perfect tune to play during one of the night heists—there’s something so hypnotizing about the beat and Kavinsky’s voice. Plus, I love the movie in which it’s featured—Drive. (Ryan Gosling!) 

Alive - SIA

I can’t even narrow down when this track was played—perhaps in almost every scene. Sia has such a powerful voice, and this song is so emotional it forced me to go deeper into my characters’ emotions.

Boost Me - Gone in 60 Seconds Soundtrack 

Self-explanatory? So many songs from the Gone in 60 Seconds soundtrack could have made the cut. I love this one a lot. 

Terminator (Theme Song)

Such a great mood setting song—and from the soundtrack of a classic movie. I love the way it builds suspense, and I listened to it on repeat while writing some of the more tense scenes. 

Pistols at Dawn - Senabo Sey

Slowing it down for a particular scene, of which cannot be named because…spoiler ;-)  

Cry Little Sister - G Tom Mac

This song has always been so haunting to me, and I played it often while writing some of the more ominous scenes. 

On the Other Side - Jessica Bell

Written and performed by my dear friend, Jessica Bell, this song wound its way into several scenes—her voice is so beautiful and moving. And this video! Wow! 

Jules Parish has screwed up.

After three years of boosting cars, she got caught. She's too good to get caught, but she let her (ex)-boyfriend talk her into a questionable job. And now, she and her little sister, Emma, will be kicked out of their foster home, left to survive on the unforgiving streets of Las Vegas alone.


Eccentric, wealthy Roger Montgomery wants to open up his mansion to Jules and Emma. The only catch? Jules must steal seven of the rarest, most valuable muscle cars in the world—in seven weeks. Even worse, she’s forced to put her trust in three complete strangers to help her do it.

First there’s Chelsea, the gorgeous redhead with a sharp tongue and love for picking locks. Then there’s Mat, who hasn’t met a system he couldn’t hack. And finally there’s the impossibly sexy car thief Nick, whose bad attitude and mysterious past drive Jules crazy.

With nothing in common and everything to lose, can Jules and her amateur crew pull off what could be the biggest car heist in history? Or will things spin out of control faster than a Nevada dust devil?

Dawn Ius
DAWN IUS is a short-story author, novelist, screenwriter, professional editor, and communications specialist. She is the Managing Editor of the International Thriller Writers Association’s monthly magazine, THE BIG THRILL, co-founder and senior editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Development Editor and Marketing Manager for Vine Leaves Press, and the author of 11 educational graphic novels published by the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. When she’s not slaying fictional monsters, she’s geeking out over fairy tales, Jack Bauer, Halloween, muscle cars, and all things that go bump in the night. Dawn lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, Jeff, and their giant English Mastiff, Roarke. 

Tour Schedule:
Week 1:
9/9: The Book Belles - Playlist

Week 2:

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